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Enter the Magical World of Fairies

Entering the world of Faerie will take you on a path of magic, imagination and wondrous enchantment into their celestial kingdom.

There are many mysterious and fascinating paths to follow in this realm for the human soul. Paths that will lead you to places where trees tell tales ,where rivers sing and the wind whispers stories of the old days. Where the Fae will embrace you with their translucent wings, hug your soul….. from the tiniest flower fairy to the mightiest tree spirit.

A place to embark on a journey …passing under moss covered branches of trees of ages untold, surrounded by crystal lakes reflecting the starlight and the moonlight. Things never seen and never thought of, walking paths of crystal quartz, divine tunes humming from all sides, a kaleidoscope of colors…..mist rising up, following you wherever you tread, gently guiding your way……. a land of eternal peace and joy.

Journey on into a world, nurturing, loving and peaceful, a world full of beings of light to share their gifts with you, to play and brighten your day. Invite the Fae in your heart and give yourself to the imagination, letting all the illusions of of your world fall away, remembering your dreams beyond reality.

Things previously impossible may become possible… place your feet upon the earth’s forest floor, let your feet become the roots that allow a tree to soar…soar with the Fae into unimaginable heights. Oh human soul, connect with all you have forgotten……


Fairy Houses

Fairy Houses

Do Fairies Really Need Fairy Houses?

Fairies are around us…..all the time…everywhere…they live in our homes, our gardens, even in a barn if we have one….but the most of all favorite places for them, is our own home, full of sparkly, shiny, interesting trinkets and keepsakes…all the wonderful things, that bring great joy to the heart of the fae.

A fairy needs a home like we do, a place to return to. A small place, just right for them, similar to our homes ( although it has to be a bit cuter). Little windows, to look out from, over-viewing the area, a small door to come and go…

Fairies are wonderful playful beings when it comes to gardening, tending to animals and occasionally very good at hiding your personal belongings like keys, flatware or other shiny items, but are not very competent builders, when it comes to fairy houses.

Most of their lives they have to be content staying in the cold and rain, trying to survive by finding any type of shelter. Instead of living in their very own little fairy house, they will be finding a temporary solution, by dwelling inside your drawers, in a closet or under your bed ( remember the noises you hear at night?) Worst case happening, they will have to find a tiny spot under a leaf outside.

What Are Fairy Houses Made Of?

They need our help, Fairy houses provide a place for Fairies to lay their heads at night, especially after a hard day of play, like humans.  Fairy houses can avoid fairy homelessness. A cozy dwelling for your resident fairies, covered in moss, acorns, bark, twigs, driftwood,shells, feathers, seaweed, pine-cones and nuts are just some of the materials, adorned with a few crystals, all the materials, that are so natural to the fae culture…. Within a week, you will most certainly see your own home as a happier place, full of light, as the fairies will transfer their happiness onto you while coexisting.

Welcome them in your home , the fairies are beneficial to your own house. They will keep your pets happy and alert the home’s owners to any danger. Fairies watch over your house and garden. They will do a number of things protecting the plants and tending to them. Fairy houses can have many different forms or sizes( small cottage or tower like), if it is given with a loving intent, you can be sure, ” your” fairy will stay with you for many wonderful years to come.


World of Fairy Houses

What is the Fairy Kaleidoscope

The Fairy Kaleidoscope is a place to not only learn about Fairies but somewhere that you can find a wide assortment of Fairy garden supplies, such as Fairy houses and Fairy furniture,  as well as other magical and mystical items.


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