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Fairy Houses for Sale

Fairy Houses for SaleFairy Houses for Sale

If you are thinking about creating a Fairy garden then you might be looking for Fairy houses for sale so that you can put one in your garden.

The trouble is that there are not a lot of places that you can find the perfect Fairy home to place in your garden, that is until now. The Fairy Kaleidoscope offers a great selection of these houses for you to purchase. Created by Ivithja Woodwoman, these Fairy homes are magnificent pieces of art that are built to attract Fairies to your home or garden.

The houses are made almost entirely of natural material that were collected from the beaches and woodlands of Southern Oregon. Some of the materials include moss, driftwood, seashells, acorns and other nuts and lichen. Each of the Fairy houses for sale at the Fairy Kaleidoscope is one of a kind and truly unique.

When it comes to placement of these homes they can be put outdoors but really should be kept in a location that protects them from elements such as rain or snow, although they can stand up to the weather they tend to not last as long as they will when kept dry. Ideally they should be put in your home though during the summer months they are perfect for your garden as well.

If you have never thought of building a Fairy garden then you really should consider it, this is a wonderful way to bond with your child or children and is perfect for stimulating their imagination. Gardening in general is a great way to teach your children about mother earth and the bounties she has to offer.

When creating a Fairy garden there are some thine to keep in mind. First of all, Fairies love all kinds of flowers so it is good to include many different types so that you are better able to attract Fairies. Secondly, you should consider having areas of your garden that are left untamed, this is because Fairies tend to enjoy a wild garden more and you are more likely to attract Fairies.Fairy Garden

Of course your Fairies need a place to live when they are not out causing mischief or spreading love and joy. This is why a Fairy home is a good idea to have and why the Fairy Kaleidoscope offers Fairy houses for sale. Additionally it is a good idea to have Fairy furniture for your Fairies to relax in.

One thing to keep in mind is that although Fairies to love humans and want to help us by showing us another world they also like to play little tricks on us, one of their favorite games is to hide things from us such as our car keys. If you find that your keys are missing it is most likely because a Fairy has hidden them. Additionally, Fairies are protectors of animals and they love our pets, so if you do not have a pet you might want to think about getting one.

If you think having a Fairy home in your household is a good idea then check out the selection of Fairy houses for sale in the Fairy Kaleidoscope store.

Fairy Facts: Interesting Fairy Facts

Fairy Facts: Interesting Fairy Facts

Fairy FactsHere are a few Fairy facts about the magical and mystical creatures that inhabit our homes, gardens and the forests that we may live near that we lovingly call Fairies.

A Fairy is a tiny being with wings (such as butterfly wings, dragonfly wings, etc.), that looks like a small person.

Fairies, both male and female, are almost “ghostlike” beings, made of most delicate substances and equipped with higher powers.

Fairies are the guardians of animals and nature.

Fairies are very shy beings from the dimension of light-beings.

Fairies are carefree and lighthearted, love to celebrate, like to help and are masters of manifestation.

Fairies are very creative and talented with their hands and possess many skills.

Some of the skills that Fairies posses are spinning, weaving, shoe-making, leather works, metal works and music making.

One of the more interesting Fairy facts is that Fairies like to teach their skills to humans and sometimes they tempt humans with their wares in return for babies and other precious commodities.

Sometimes it seems that Fairies sit inside a ball of light, and sing.

One of the more common Fairy facts is that Fairies adore nature and are especially fond of the forests.

Fairies love milk and honey and drink flower nectar as their Fairy wine.

Fairies love cake, especially if served with dishes of milk or cream.

Fairies love to turn eggshells into Fairy houses and they love to decorate their homes with Fairy furniture.

A circle of mushrooms is called a Fairy circle, a sure sign of Fairy activity.

Fairies love music and dancing, they dance in Fairy rings by moonlight or in the mist.

A human caught in the Fairy ring has to dance for a year and a day, but to him it only seems like minutes.

One of the little known Fairy facts is that when inside a Fairy ring, humans should never eat or drink anything that is offered to them.

Fairies are always more than willing to help humans, who ask for their help, in any way they can, to spread joy and happiness.

You will often find many Fairies in the company of children, as they provide the perfect surroundings for Fairies to enjoy.

Another little known Fairy fact is that Fairies don’t have many human like attributes, such as jealousy or envy.

Fairies possess powers of magic and enchantment and are capable of changing the weather by causing fog and tempests.

Unfortunately, many of the Fairies have retreated back into their own world and you will not be able to see them as often as humans did in the old days.

Fairies are perfect shape-shifters, able to take even human form, or “melt” into their environment becoming part of the plants, animals or trees.

Fairies love humans, which appreciate the uniqueness of nature, and will show their gratitude towards them for doing so.

Fairy Facts: Fairies and Their FlowersFairy Facts

These are some of the different varieties of vegetation that are popular with Fairies

Morning Glory

Hopefully these different Fairy facts will give you a better understanding of the Fairies that constantly live around us and will show you how to better appreciate them.

And remember, never forget to show your gratitude, for any help you have received from any of your Fairy helpers.

Learn More Fairy Facts

Fairy Houses Need Fairy Furniture

Fairy Houses Need Fairy Furniture

Wild Woods Cottage - Fairy HousesFairy Houses and Fairy Furniture

Why do Fairy houses need Fairy furniture?

Every Fairy loves to have their very own Fairy house to relax in after they have had a long day of frolicking around in your garden.

Fairy houses give your Fairy a warm and relaxing place to rest and to get ready for the next day’s playful events.

Of course in order to be able to properly relax in their Fairy home they will need Fairy furniture. Items such as a Fairy chair or couch, a Fairy table and a Fairy bed are important necessities for all Fairy houses.

Material Used for Fairy Houses and Fairy Furniture

Fairy furniture is typically made of the same things that Fairy houses are made from. Materials such as twigs, driftwood, moss, flowers, feathers, leaves, various nuts and of course shiny objects are used to create both Fairy houses and Fairy furniture.

The styles of Fairy furniture may differ from Fairy home to Fairy home but they all have many things in common. Of course being made from natural materials is one of them. However, Fairy furniture must also be comfortable and cute.

Now you may not have realized this but Fairies are not really good at building their own Fairy houses or their own Fairy furniture. This is why it is up to us humans to help them out by creating these things for them.

By building your resident Fairy a Fairy house with some comfortable Fairy furniture you are letting them know that they are welcome in your home or garden. By no being helpful you are essentially letting them know that they are not welcome which will most likely lead to them moving into someone else’s home or garden.

Fairy Facts

You may be asking yourself why you would want a Fairy in your home or garden in the first place. Well here are a few Fairy facts to help you understand why a Fairy makes for a good companion to have in your home or garden.

Fairies love to make music and dance. You and your family will always be entertained by the beautiful music and wonderful dancing that your resident Fairy will indulge in if they are happy with their environment.

Fairies are excellent caretakers to both plants and animals. You will be surprised at how much better your garden or houseplants will grow when you have a Fairy around. Additionally your pets will be happy knowing they have a Fairy around to help protect and take care of them.

Fairies are very mischievous and will always keep you entertained with their amusing pranks. If you are wondering where your car keys have disappeared to you will know to look in some of the Fairies favorite hiding spots because chances are they have “borrowed” them.Fairy Furniture-Flower Ribbon Bed Frontside 001

Of course these are just a few reasons why having a Fairy around can bring enjoyment to your life and why building your Fairy a Fairy house and some Fairy furniture is a good idea.

If you have small children building Fairy houses and Fairy furniture is also a great way to help bring your family closer together. We are sure you understand how family activities like these are a great way to spend quality time together.

So, if you think the idea of having a Fairy around your home or garden sounds like something you would enjoy then we suggest building Fairy houses and filling them with Fairy furniture so that your resident Fairy will want to stick around for many, many years to come.

View Our Selection of Fairy Houses and Fairy Furniture

Fairy Houses: Do Fairies Live in Fairy Houses

Fairy Houses: Do Fairies Live in Fairy Houses

Finch Cottage - Fairy HousesWhat Are Fairy Houses

Fairy houses are simply a house that a Fairy, or Fairies live in when they are not out enjoying themselves in your garden or nearby forest.

When Fairies are not out playing they need a comfortable place to rest and gather their strength for the next day of frolicking and Fairy houses provide just such a place.

There are all sorts of different styles of Fairy houses that Fairies enjoy living in but they always have several things in common. Fairies like for their homes to be colorful and made of natural materials which come from Mother Earth.

What Are Fairy Houses Made Of

Typically Fairy houses are made from materials that can be found in your garden, the forest and the beach. To keep their homes warm and dry Fairies prefer to build their houses using a variety of different types of moss twigs, although occasionally you will find a Fairy home that is made out of colorful pebbles.

Of course, the moss and twigs are mainly used to create the walls and roof of the Fairy houses, as well as used for Fairy furniture such as chairs, tables and beds. After the walls and roof are built, Fairies love to decorate their homes with a variety of materials that remind them of the natural world in which they live and play in.

Materials such as leaves, twigs, branches, bark, ferns, feathers, pebbles and different types of nuts that can be found in the forest all are used to build and decorate Fairy houses. Additionally, Fairies love to gather materials from the beach to use for their homes. Driftwood, sea shells, sea weed, sea glass, feathers and pebbles from the beach are commonly found on a Fairy house.

One of the most favorite places that Fairies like to gather material for their Fairy houses is your Garden, they really love overgrown gardens. Beautiful flowers, leaves, twigs, feathers and pebbles are typically abundant in a garden and Fairies love to gather these items up and use them to decorate their homes with.Wild Woods Cottage - Fairy Houses

Decorating Fairy Houses

Fairies love shiny things and they love to decorate their Fairy houses with shiny objects. Items like glass, gold and silver just some of the things that Fairies love to decorate their homes with. Fairies also love bells and wind chimes and have a strong affection for crystals.

Keep in mind that Fairies hate iron, it is like poison for them, and a Fairy will never build their home with anything made of iron. Additionally, Fairies do not like to see trees and plants cut down or destroyed so they take great care to only build their Fairy houses with materials that can be picked up off of the ground.

Fairies have a few trees and plants that are their favorite and they will typically built their Fairy houses using these.

Favorite Trees:

  • Holly
  • Hawthorn
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Blackthorn
  • Elder, they especially love Elder as they offer protection from negative spirits

Favorite Plants:

  • Foxglove
  • Poppies
  • Snapdragons
  • Mustard Nasturtiums
  • Calendula
  • Roses

If you have a garden and want to attract Fairies then it is suggested that you provide a few things that they enjoy, Fairies love gardens which are overgrowTower of Two Worlds-24 Inch Fairy Housen and contain hedges and weeds. If you have a garden and you feel the need to keep it neat and tidy then it is suggested that you provide a little space that you can keep unorganized, Fairies hate organized gardens.

Make sure you have plenty of material around for Fairies to make their Fairy houses out of, especially lots of little shiny objects. You want to provide an environment that will attract fairies.

Fairy houses located in your home or garden will give your resident Fairy a place to relax and will help keep your Fairy safe and happy for years to come as well as provide and interesting story to tell your friends and family.


View Our Selection of Fairy Houses

Dryads: Female Spirits of Nature Who Preside Over the Groves and Forests

DryadsDryads: Female Spirits of Nature Who Preside Over the Groves and Forests

What Are Dryads

From a land far beyond i come to you, I materialize out of the forests….

We live where there is little human activity, we live in trees, called the dryads and we are females. We are gentle spirits without violence or hatefulness and protectors of the trees.

Even though we live in and protect the trees, our element is air. Our favorite time of the month is at the full moon. We are usual seen as wisps of light. Dryads are very playful and do like to tease, but if they befriend you, they will help you get in touch with your magical abilities and to contact your divine energy.

To find them it is best to go to a grove of sacred trees. You may find this beautiful spirit in a willow, oak, ash, thorn, rowan, birch, or elder tree. Each one of us iDryadss very closely associated with a particular tree with which she herself is closely linked. It is for this reason that it was believed that if a man would harm one of the trees the gods would seek revenge for the harm. We will punish any thoughtless mortal who would somehow injure our trees.

We are larger than Elves, both broader and taller. We live several thousand years, we are spiritually linked to a certain Tree, our HomeTree. Our Lifespan is unmeasured but we are not Immortal, like most Faeries, we only live only as long as our Home Tree. Being very shy, we are terribly nervous of straying too far from the safety of our tree.