DryadsDryads: Female Spirits of Nature Who Preside Over the Groves and Forests

What Are Dryads

From a land far beyond i come to you, I materialize out of the forests….

We live where there is little human activity, we live in trees, called the dryads and we are females. We are gentle spirits without violence or hatefulness and protectors of the trees.

Even though we live in and protect the trees, our element is air. Our favorite time of the month is at the full moon. We are usual seen as wisps of light. Dryads are very playful and do like to tease, but if they befriend you, they will help you get in touch with your magical abilities and to contact your divine energy.

To find them it is best to go to a grove of sacred trees. You may find this beautiful spirit in a willow, oak, ash, thorn, rowan, birch, or elder tree. Each one of us iDryadss very closely associated with a particular tree with which she herself is closely linked. It is for this reason that it was believed that if a man would harm one of the trees the gods would seek revenge for the harm. We will punish any thoughtless mortal who would somehow injure our trees.

We are larger than Elves, both broader and taller. We live several thousand years, we are spiritually linked to a certain Tree, our HomeTree. Our Lifespan is unmeasured but we are not Immortal, like most Faeries, we only live only as long as our Home Tree. Being very shy, we are terribly nervous of straying too far from the safety of our tree.

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