Fairy Facts: Interesting Fairy Facts

Fairy FactsHere are a few Fairy facts about the magical and mystical creatures that inhabit our homes, gardens and the forests that we may live near that we lovingly call Fairies.

A Fairy is a tiny being with wings (such as butterfly wings, dragonfly wings, etc.), that looks like a small person.

Fairies, both male and female, are almost “ghostlike” beings, made of most delicate substances and equipped with higher powers.

Fairies are the guardians of animals and nature.

Fairies are very shy beings from the dimension of light-beings.

Fairies are carefree and lighthearted, love to celebrate, like to help and are masters of manifestation.

Fairies are very creative and talented with their hands and possess many skills.

Some of the skills that Fairies posses are spinning, weaving, shoe-making, leather works, metal works and music making.

One of the more interesting Fairy facts is that Fairies like to teach their skills to humans and sometimes they tempt humans with their wares in return for babies and other precious commodities.

Sometimes it seems that Fairies sit inside a ball of light, and sing.

One of the more common Fairy facts is that Fairies adore nature and are especially fond of the forests.

Fairies love milk and honey and drink flower nectar as their Fairy wine.

Fairies love cake, especially if served with dishes of milk or cream.

Fairies love to turn eggshells into Fairy houses and they love to decorate their homes with Fairy furniture.

A circle of mushrooms is called a Fairy circle, a sure sign of Fairy activity.

Fairies love music and dancing, they dance in Fairy rings by moonlight or in the mist.

A human caught in the Fairy ring has to dance for a year and a day, but to him it only seems like minutes.

One of the little known Fairy facts is that when inside a Fairy ring, humans should never eat or drink anything that is offered to them.

Fairies are always more than willing to help humans, who ask for their help, in any way they can, to spread joy and happiness.

You will often find many Fairies in the company of children, as they provide the perfect surroundings for Fairies to enjoy.

Another little known Fairy fact is that Fairies don’t have many human like attributes, such as jealousy or envy.

Fairies possess powers of magic and enchantment and are capable of changing the weather by causing fog and tempests.

Unfortunately, many of the Fairies have retreated back into their own world and you will not be able to see them as often as humans did in the old days.

Fairies are perfect shape-shifters, able to take even human form, or “melt” into their environment becoming part of the plants, animals or trees.

Fairies love humans, which appreciate the uniqueness of nature, and will show their gratitude towards them for doing so.

Fairy Facts: Fairies and Their FlowersFairy Facts

These are some of the different varieties of vegetation that are popular with Fairies

Morning Glory

Hopefully these different Fairy facts will give you a better understanding of the Fairies that constantly live around us and will show you how to better appreciate them.

And remember, never forget to show your gratitude, for any help you have received from any of your Fairy helpers.

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