Fairy Houses: Do Fairies Live in Fairy Houses

Finch Cottage - Fairy HousesWhat Are Fairy Houses

Fairy houses are simply a house that a Fairy, or Fairies live in when they are not out enjoying themselves in your garden or nearby forest.

When Fairies are not out playing they need a comfortable place to rest and gather their strength for the next day of frolicking and Fairy houses provide just such a place.

There are all sorts of different styles of Fairy houses that Fairies enjoy living in but they always have several things in common. Fairies like for their homes to be colorful and made of natural materials which come from Mother Earth.

What Are Fairy Houses Made Of

Typically Fairy houses are made from materials that can be found in your garden, the forest and the beach. To keep their homes warm and dry Fairies prefer to build their houses using a variety of different types of moss twigs, although occasionally you will find a Fairy home that is made out of colorful pebbles.

Of course, the moss and twigs are mainly used to create the walls and roof of the Fairy houses, as well as used for Fairy furniture such as chairs, tables and beds. After the walls and roof are built, Fairies love to decorate their homes with a variety of materials that remind them of the natural world in which they live and play in.

Materials such as leaves, twigs, branches, bark, ferns, feathers, pebbles and different types of nuts that can be found in the forest all are used to build and decorate Fairy houses. Additionally, Fairies love to gather materials from the beach to use for their homes. Driftwood, sea shells, sea weed, sea glass, feathers and pebbles from the beach are commonly found on a Fairy house.

One of the most favorite places that Fairies like to gather material for their Fairy houses is your Garden, they really love overgrown gardens. Beautiful flowers, leaves, twigs, feathers and pebbles are typically abundant in a garden and Fairies love to gather these items up and use them to decorate their homes with.Wild Woods Cottage - Fairy Houses

Decorating Fairy Houses

Fairies love shiny things and they love to decorate their Fairy houses with shiny objects. Items like glass, gold and silver just some of the things that Fairies love to decorate their homes with. Fairies also love bells and wind chimes and have a strong affection for crystals.

Keep in mind that Fairies hate iron, it is like poison for them, and a Fairy will never build their home with anything made of iron. Additionally, Fairies do not like to see trees and plants cut down or destroyed so they take great care to only build their Fairy houses with materials that can be picked up off of the ground.

Fairies have a few trees and plants that are their favorite and they will typically built their Fairy houses using these.

Favorite Trees:

  • Holly
  • Hawthorn
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Blackthorn
  • Elder, they especially love Elder as they offer protection from negative spirits

Favorite Plants:

  • Foxglove
  • Poppies
  • Snapdragons
  • Mustard Nasturtiums
  • Calendula
  • Roses

If you have a garden and want to attract Fairies then it is suggested that you provide a few things that they enjoy, Fairies love gardens which are overgrowTower of Two Worlds-24 Inch Fairy Housen and contain hedges and weeds. If you have a garden and you feel the need to keep it neat and tidy then it is suggested that you provide a little space that you can keep unorganized, Fairies hate organized gardens.

Make sure you have plenty of material around for Fairies to make their Fairy houses out of, especially lots of little shiny objects. You want to provide an environment that will attract fairies.

Fairy houses located in your home or garden will give your resident Fairy a place to relax and will help keep your Fairy safe and happy for years to come as well as provide and interesting story to tell your friends and family.


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